Dangerous Persuasions

Investigation Discovery’s DANGEROUS PERSUASIONS

People Who Survived Some of the Most Malicious Examples of Social Engineering in Modern Times

id“Social engineering” is a term commonly used in the world of hackers to describe the act of psychologically manipulating people so they will divulge confidential information or take actions that will enable a security breach. In most cases the attacker never comes face-to-face with the victims. In “Dangerous Persuasions,” the victims know their who their attackers are, and often they trust these people with their lives.

“Now imagine if the most dangerous monsters were the very same people your life depended on? False prophets, criminal masterminds, and sociopathic con-artists who prey on the innocent are just some of the Machiavellian architects at the center of these unbelievable and shocking true stories,” described the press release on the series.

Henry Schleiff, general manager of Investigation Discovery, says there is nothing more frightening than the thought of people preying on your most valuable asset: your mind. He explains that Dangerous Persuasions profiles average men and women who were coerced into disturbing situations, proving that – horrifyingly enough – almost anyone can find themselves vulnerable to manipulation.

Make that anyone.  All people want to believe that they are too smart, too strong to become the victim of severe psychological manipulation, and that only “weak people”  or “vulnerable people” can be brainwashed.  That’s the myth this series intends to bust.  crime-scientology

People who do not care deeply about an issue have low vulnerability over it.

Would an atheist in a rock band be vulnerable to becoming a terrorist to earn heavenly rewards?

No.  But if that atheist rocker had stars in his eyes and needed a manager, then met John Doe who showed evidence that he managed Bon Jovi, would the rocker be vulnerable to getting in the car with Mr. Doe to go have a drink with Bon Jovi’s tour manager?  That’s how it starts.

What if he turns out to be a psychopath?

Even the best and brightest minds are vulnerable.  If you think severe psychological abuse and manipulation (brainwashing) only happens to people who are weak and vulnerable, you are mistaken.

It’s not about vulnerable people.

It’s about the vulnerabilities of people.

And everyone has them. Even you.

Christine Marie praying in Dangerous Persuasions

Whatever you love, believe, dream, dread or feel strongly about – those are your vulnerabilities.  The first goal of the sociopathic manipulator is to gain a person’s trust, then become a best friend, a lover or a confidant – so he can learn the person’s vulnerabilities.  Once he finds the vulnerability of his prey, he is now armed with the road map on how to psychologically maneuver his unsuspecting victim, one small harmful step at a time, until he is so psychologically traumatized that he can not think beyond survival.

Once he has engineered his victim into the position where he has only one real choice – “choose or lose” – the monster can coerce his victim to do whatever he wants to benefit himself.

Dangerous Persuasions provides terrifying real life examples of this.

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